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Weapons of Mass Debate - Germany’s Unease Around Nuclear Deterrence

1945 ushered in the nuclear era. Yet, the construction of a European project, with the ambitions to achieve economic integration and strategic cooperation, did not have an agenda on nuclear force and deterrence. French President Emmanuel Macron brought the issue back up in a speech delivered at the  Ecole de Guerre  in February 2020, during which he called upon European leaders to engage in a strategic dialogue on nuclear issues. This call has remained relatively unanswered, especially in Germany, which is strongly committed to pursuing European security through a NATO framework, and fears France’s proposal could threaten the transatlantic partnership.

Action plan of the European Commission on synergies between civil, defence and space industries

  In cooperation with the  Federation of European Defence Technology Associations (EDTA)  we have developed remarks on the "Action plan of the European Commission on synergies between civil, defence and space industries" as published on  22 February 2021  ( EU reference COM(2021) 70 ) . Among others, these comments have been sent to the Presidents of the European Commission, Council and Parliament.                                                                                 Download a PDF here EDTA and Eurodefense  welcome this important  Communication  of the European Commission on their  Action plan to increase the synergies between civil, defence and space industries.  It is well understood that this action plan is only applicable for programmes of the European Commission, but even within that scope, it is important to recognise the major differences between civil industry and defence-and-space industries. Defence and space industries are strongly dependent on (national

The European Commission formally launches the European Defence Fund (EDF)

The European Commission has formally launched the €8 billion European Defence Fund (EDF), a new instrument designed to co-finance collaborative defence research and development projects across the bloc. (Euractiv News)

EDNL - Farewell Speech by Willem van Eekelen, Honorary President of Eurodefense Netherlands

Farewell video of Dr. Wim van Eekelen as president of Eurodefense Nederland. Van Eekelen founded Eurodefense Nederland in 1994 and chaired the chapter until 2020. He is also the former Minister of Defence of The Netherlands, and Secretary General of the Western European Union. This speech was delivered at the Eurodefense President's Council in Lisbon 16 to 18th of June, 2021. Transcript: Message to Eurodefense June 2021 Dear Colleagues, Dear President, My wife and I are very sorry that we are unable to join you at the annual Eurodefense session, this year in Portugal. Thanks to the assistance of Ernst van Hoek, my successor as President of Eurodefense Netherlands. I would like to leave some thoughts with you about the future of Eurodefense. 1. The active participation of France and Germany will be necessary for any successful effort. Our common efforts will be needed to develop a framework that benefits all by stressing joint capabilities. “Nobody can do it alone” and “Secu

ED Portugal - Cyberspace Security and the Protection of Critical Infrastructures: The European Digital Agenda and National Resilience

  EURODEFENCE PORTUGAL CYBERSPACE SECURITY AND THE PROTECTION OF CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURES: THE EUROPEAN DIGITAL AGENDA AND NATIONAL RESILIENCE Colonel Paulo Viegas Nunes Deputy Director of Education of the Military Academy Director of the CAIH Implementation Group Head of the CIIWA Board EURODEFENCE Portugal Associate Engº Paulo Moniz Director IT Cybersecurity and Risk - EDP Group Member of CIIWA Board Adviser to EURODEFENCE Portugal Board Abstract In a digital and connected world, hybrid threats exploit the dependence of individuals, organizations and States on the internet and cyberspace. Critical infrastructures, also operating in a networked environment are, today, appealing targets for cyber-attacks of a high disruptive and destructive power. New threats, exploiting the vulnerabilities of an information age society, raise new social risks and require a concerted response, both at national and international levels. Portugal has been investing, essentially over the last decade, in i