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Task specialisation: risk, virtue or policy?

The Netherlands Clingendael Institute of International Relations published a policy brief titled: "European Defence: Specialisation by Capability Groups"  Dick Zandee writes: In many professions specialisation is regarded as a virtue. In a hospital the surgeon, the anaesthetist and the nurse have specialised skills. Together they engage in teamwork to cure patients. Yet, when it comes to defence, specialisation has a negative connotation. Contrary to the hospital’s operating theatre, dependency on each other’s armed forces is regarded as a serious, if not unacceptable risk, as a country has to be able to defend itself without relying on capabilities to be provided by other states. Read and download the report here The Netherlands MoD has included task specialisation within in the European Union as policy goal for 2035. Implementation comprises intensified cooperation as well as active participation in pooling and sharing initiatives. Read page 35 (Design principle 9) of the