EDNL/EDTA Report EWG26b - Recommendations on Energy, Security and Defence

Over the past two years a working group comprising EDTA and Eurodefense members developed "Recommendations on Energy, Security and Defence" for the European Union and national MoDs. The resulting report was sent to the presidents of the European Commission, Council and Parliament on 15 February 2023.

The aim of the report is to focus on the realignment of Security and Defence in Europe in the face of the challenges of ongoing climate change and the consequent energy transition, in particular by taking into account the structural developments arising from the European Green Deal, the EU Strategic Compass, the Climate Change and Defence Roadmap as well as the European Commission’s recent “defence package”. The document covers 3 different areas : a geopolitical perspective, energy policies and models, and a technological perspective.

A combination of national efforts, multinational cooperation and Defence Industry's inputs, realistically coordinated at EU level, will be important to respond to many challenges. Essential issues will be to ensure energy supply to the armed forces, and get the innovation necessary to insure technological autonomy. For this purpose, we have suggested to use EDF funds to ensure timely and effective availability of new energy sources for our armed forces.


The complete paper with all recommendations on sustainable security can be found here

The accompanying Executive summaries and reports can be found here: 

Letter to the Presidents of the European Commission, European Council, and European Parliament 

Executive summary: Technology and geopolitical consequences to the energy transition and energy policy .

ANNEX A: Geopolitical consequences for the energy transition

ANNEX B: Analysis European energy policy in the EU, NATO, EDA, EEAS

ANNEX C: Technology development and application for military systems

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